The Descendants

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Photographing my two eldest girls is so inspiring and my absolute favourite thing on the planet, even though ever so rare these days. There is nothing I enjoy more than connecting with my subject whilst photographing and its definitely more personal when its my very own beauties. Goosebump kinda personal. The stillness and composure they emit is so sincere however remarkably intense at the same time. An honesty so beautiful they have no idea just how much yet. They really are the perfect muses for me, allowing me to exploring my creative concepts and for that I will be forever grateful. They are at the age where they are most interested in also being a part of my photography journey and love seeing the results just as much as I do. They come to the table with ideas as well as their own story to tell. This is the story of their sisterhood. It comes with so much emotion, ups and downs as well as challenges, then some laughter and individuality, however always companionship and most importantly un-conditional love. I hope they will always have each others back and love one another forever. It truly is such a wonderful bond having a sister and a love like no other. To Sophie and Lila. My daughters.  

Love Renata 


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