The Descendants

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Grunge girl goes glam

Inspired by the return of the grunge girl thanks to my favourites Saint Laurent, I was compelled to photograph my babes in my favourite era rock'n'roll grunge. I was a teen in the 90's so I know this era too well and grew up listening to Courtney Love's band Hole with my girlfriends dreaming and talking about life. She was the original grunge girl making slip dresses and tiaras everyday wear and now Saint L has brought this look back and I am dead keen to wear it to school picks ups. Instead I took the opportunity to create some beautiful portraits of Sophie and Lila mixing it up with some utilitarian accents. They seriously give the runway girls are run for their money! They loved this shoot and I loved creating images with them I am forever grateful for their support and passion to create some magic after school. Yes this is what dress up at our places looks like! Now.. I need to re-do this and get Mila in here for a group shot! Cannot wait to print and get these hung on my walls! 

Hope you love them as much as we do. 

Renata xx 

Thank you Andrea and Tutu Du Monde for these beautiful bespoke gowns which were a dream for me to shoot on my girls. available now.