The Descendants

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Photographing my two eldest girls is so inspiring and my absolute favourite thing on the planet, even though ever so rare these days. There is nothing I enjoy more than connecting with my subject whilst photographing and its definitely more personal when its my very own beauties. Goosebump kinda personal. The stillness and composure they emit is so sincere however remarkably intense at the same time. An honesty so beautiful they have no idea just how much yet. They really are the perfect muses for me, allowing me to exploring my creative concepts and for that I will be forever grateful. They are at the age where they are most interested in also being a part of my photography journey and love seeing the results just as much as I do. They come to the table with ideas as well as their own story to tell. This is the story of their sisterhood. It comes with so much emotion, ups and downs as well as challenges, then some laughter and individuality, however always companionship and most importantly un-conditional love. I hope they will always have each others back and love one another forever. It truly is such a wonderful bond having a sister and a love like no other. To Sophie and Lila. My daughters.  

Love Renata 


All clothing by one of Australia's most divine new children's brand, 6 White Horses available online at Thank-you so much for trusting me and my vision. 

Baker Boy corduroy hat Brown Boots

Celebrating Mother's Day with Oroton

Founded in 1938 it is certain that many generations of women have collected a handbag or two from Oroton's elegant collections across the years. It is the heritage of the brand that so many Australians connect with.

We were lucky enough to be asked to be part of the ultimate Mother's Day gift giving edit for Oroton.  We absolutely jumped at the chance and had an opportunity to step out of our usual roles and have Maya and family in front of the camera and Renata taking the photos.  It was a beautiful day to celebrate being a mother and the wonderful chaos that can be (especially when the dog tried to eat the balloon, eat the hats, the kids chasing the dog etc etc!).

The Winter 2016 collection has now launched with our favourite hues including tans, browns and khakis with a splash of red. These earthy tones take us back to Australian landscapes, deep in history whilst celebrating an effortless style.

Visit for the full winter collection available now. 

Thank you to our friends at for the beautiful tulle skirt and for gorgeous headwear.  Hair and makeup by Filomena Natoli


Grunge girl goes glam

Inspired by the return of the grunge girl thanks to my favourites Saint Laurent, I was compelled to photograph my babes in my favourite era rock'n'roll grunge. I was a teen in the 90's so I know this era too well and grew up listening to Courtney Love's band Hole with my girlfriends dreaming and talking about life. She was the original grunge girl making slip dresses and tiaras everyday wear and now Saint L has brought this look back and I am dead keen to wear it to school picks ups. Instead I took the opportunity to create some beautiful portraits of Sophie and Lila mixing it up with some utilitarian accents. They seriously give the runway girls are run for their money! They loved this shoot and I loved creating images with them I am forever grateful for their support and passion to create some magic after school. Yes this is what dress up at our places looks like! Now.. I need to re-do this and get Mila in here for a group shot! Cannot wait to print and get these hung on my walls! 

Hope you love them as much as we do. 

Renata xx 

Thank you Andrea and Tutu Du Monde for these beautiful bespoke gowns which were a dream for me to shoot on my girls. available now. 

In the land of the long white cloud

Coming back to New Zealand for holidays is always bittersweet.  It brings back childhood memories of endless summer days, sun kissed skin and melting ice blocks.  My sister and my bestie had our childhood here and now just spent time together on holiday with our combined tribe of nine kids.  It’s beyond words to see my sisters face within her children and the gentle beauty of my bfs daughters.  As crazy as our days are I know that this is to be remembered.  Wearing the most divine sleepwear from Thread @followthreadstore knit pompom hat from @mouse_in_a_house x Maya

Where enchanting worlds collide

The trees are in their rustic beauty. The woodland paths are dry. Under the October twighlight the water mirrors a still sky. 

For Tutu Du Monde featuring a limited edition 'Halloween' capsule available for pre-order now at

No one had to convince us to get into character and play dress ups for this one! Our favourite time of year. 

Hope you enjoy! 

Maya and Renata x

The girl and the sea

It started with a ship headband, then I imagined a girl from the past, layered up in clothing, looking out to sea.  We headed to the gorgeous coastline very early in the morning.  It was far-eezing but she was totally toasty in a million layers plus two jackets, stockings, and leg warmers (from  We were transported to another time until I realised we had to leave to get her brother to his soccer game…….and back to the real world we went. x Maya