The Descendants

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As The Descendants we offer concept + styling + photography for brand campaigns. We look at where a brand currently sits in the market and what unforgettable imagery we can create to make you stand out from the crowd. Our other love is working with families to create beautiful portraiture. We would love to take you on an adventure, exploring new concepts and sourcing unique elements and fashion to produce photographic fine art portraiture. Please explore our galleries to see what we have been up to and we look forward to hearing from you x M&R


A photographer, artist and in a former life, a magazine editor. Taking inspiration from everywhere, every single day.  Lives and breathes creativity, struggles to cook dinner. Completely compelled to take the next image and to create from imaginary worlds. Childhood is especially compelling – it is fleeting, but its effect is felt forever.

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A photographer and stylist with a wide-eyed fantastical view of the world of fashion and design. Lives to juxtapose visual elements of colour and texture, mixing fantasy and reality to create images with layers to evoke the unexpected and create the unforgettable. Maximalist posing as a minimalist. Also struggles to cook dinner. 

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